SA Orienteering Championships 2016

Since the club was established in 2013, is the third time Members of the POC privileged to attend South African Orienteering Championships, over 10 members who attended only 5 were first time experience in a technical terrains but their performance was incredible. POC coach does whatever it takes to build the club to reach the next level always.

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SAOF made it possible for POC members to attend the SA Orienteering Championships 2016, and for that matter POC will forever be grateful for the privileges they are getting from the Federation. The club is looking forward to grow the sport mainly in the area of Limpopo and develop junior champs to represent SA abroad one day. The club is not forgetting external donors (Swiss orienteers), with their efforts of helping the federation to make it possible to help POC to achieve some of the goals. Here is the full report,sa-champs-22-24-sept-2016,pdf

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